Friday, May 26, 2017

S is for 4-H Shooting Sports!

We have been involved with 4-H for many years, doing different projects, such as the traditional animal ones (poultry and rabbits for us) as well as some others, like electricity, bicycles, robotics, and shooting sports.

Do you know about 4-H shooting sports?  It's a great way for your child to become comfortable with firearms (including archery) in a safe and responsible manner.  We have been so impressed with 4-H's programs.  Our children have learned and enjoyed different disciplines, such as shotgun, archery, .22 rifle, air pistol, .22 pistol (for the older kids), muzzleloader, tomahawk/knife throwing, and wildlife skills.

Programs begin for children at 8 years old and continue up until 19.  Instructors are thoroughly trained and emphasize safety as well as accuracy and skills.

In our state (VT) we have a shooting sports jamboree once a year, which is where members of 4-H clubs who are interested in shooting sports from all over the state join together for a fun weekend of learning and competing.  The first day is a practice day where youth may learn/practice the different disciplines (and they have to learn to use what they have not been instructed in previously), the second day is a competition day (they travel around to the different disciplines as teams, competing at each one), and the third day is an awards ceremony.  Lots of fun :)

If you are interested in 4-H Shooting Sports, contact your county extension office and they will give you more information about the 4-H programs in your area, including shooting sports opportunities!  To find your state 4-H shooting sports coordinator, you may check this list and give them a call to learn more.


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  1. That is something my boy would be keen on

  2. I need to look into this, too. You know how much Xav enjoyed archery. :)

  3. We enjoyed 4-H shooting Sports for many, many years! Such great program!

  4. That looks like such a fun learning activity for kids! I had no idea that 4-H did those types of activities. Thanks for sharing!