Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Perfect Lies by Jennifer Crow

There are many thoughts/feelings/emotions that seem to control our lives as human beings. Not just women, but men too. Some of those are valid, others are lies that Satan introduces to our minds and bodies at different spots in our lives.

This book by Jennifer Crow, Perfect Lies reminds us of those lies and of the fact that they ARE lies.

Lies such as
I must be perfect because my actions define who I am.

I must gain the acceptance of others because their opinion matters


I must indulge myself in order to be happy.

These are just a few of the lies the author "exposes" and illustrates. She is painfully honest in her recounting of these lies in her life and the roles they played in crumbling her physically, emotionally, and nearly spiritually.

BUT she also recounts how she has had TRUTH conquer these lies. Truth from God based in Scripture. She speaks of Meditative Prayer (meditating on Scripture and praying Scripture) and how it has transformed her life.

Big picture -- I thought it was a good, helpful book. I have a family member who wants to borrow and read it too. Some of her methods were maybe not quite for me (I am not really impacted by her "guided imagery" style) but the truths she used in turning away the lies Satan uses in our lives were definitely helpful.

I think this book could be very helpful to many different people who either admit or don't admit that they have problems with these lies :)

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day, summer's "end" ?

Can summer possibly be coming to an end? The evenings are getting colder, requiring a sweatshirt, but the days are still warm/hot. Ahhhhhh :) What a great time of the year! I think I'm in denial about the end of summer.

Today I would like to mention that I am so thankful for where God has placed us for this time in our lives. We are very blessed to live on an island in the lake, so we have a wonderful town "beach" which is just a mostly-rocky cove nearby. I'm so thankful for the opportunities He gives us, and I'm thankful for a wonderful family with which to share those opportunities.

Are we in denial that summer is ending? :) Nah, we love fall too. . .but why not make the most of these last days of summertime?

Answers Book for Teens vol 2

Answers Book for Teens vol 2 by Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell, and Ken Ham is the second in a series that I hope will expand even further! Back in January I reviewed the first book in this installment (here) and was very pleased with that book. The second is definitely a valuable book as well!

The authors confront even more issues which are important to a teen, or truthfully, any of us at any age. The format is a question (such as "Isn't natural selection evolution? or "Noah's Ark. . .really?") The answers are given in conversational form, easy to read and understand, yet not lacking in depth. They are godly answers, backed up with Scripture, to questions teens face every day.

As I had mentioned in my review of the first book, this book would be a wonderful resource for a college-aged student as well as "teens". College years are so full of searching, questioning, etc. that this book could be a great help for. Don't let the title limit you!

I would recommend this book for sure. It'd make a great gift for a teen or even a good resource to have on your own shelves. It's full of good info and you may want to lend it out as well! Not just for teens! I even "caught" my non-religious father-in-law reading through it with interest! Good tool for sharing Scriptural explanations as well!

This book definitely receives a positive rating from me!

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

I just finished reading "Fully Alive" by Ken Davis and I'd like to share my thoughts about this book with you! I was excited to read this book, as I've heard Ken Davis's little spots on the Christian radio station for years now and they have usually elicited a laugh.

The book begins with a story of Mr Davis's granddaughter lost on a mountain. This terror-filled time (and the blessing of her return) pushed him into a journey to become "fully alive".

The book chronicles his successes in recent life and how they've been possible, how he is living life fully alive. . .it kind of reads like an inspirational self-help book at times, with a LOT of focus on losing weight and exercising. Not just one chapter, but a big chunk of the book. There are stories and illustrations in the book, but not lots of Scripture. Many personal stories and inspirational stories of others, all used to show how you can and should maximize your life.

So what did I think of it? That's a tough one. I wouldn't really say I liked it; I probably wouldn't have finished it had I not promised to read and review it. But it was not all bad :) Reading through it there were parts which were interesting to me, parts which were not and parts which brought tears to my eyes. I guess maybe it was a lot like other books I've read, good inspirational reminders, but not like "wow".

Read it if you like, maybe it'll be your favorite! Or maybe not. Or maybe you need ideas and inspiration to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. This is a good book for that (lots of words dedicated to that!) I guess I'm pretty ambivalent on this one.

I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of this review.

Unstuck by Arnie Cole and Michael Ross

This book Unstuck has a subtitle of "Your Life. God's Design. Real Change." I liked the concept of this book before I even began. Who of us hasn't felt "stuck" or at least kind of paused in life.

The book encourages us to read Scripture, and read it at least four days a week. There are sections relating to fear, "religion", different sins, ambivalence, and many other areas which will touch each of our lives. The power of God and the power of timeless Scripture are highlighted. We are not only encouraged to read the Bible but also to put it into practice, and the authors explain that as well.

There are many personal examples from the authors' lives, which made the book easier to understand and more interesting, and there were lots of statistics. Lots of statistics. Maybe too many for me, but I know that some people thrive on data, so maybe this is helpful for them.

At times the book seemed a bit dry, but truthfully, God spoke to me through reading it. I would suggest you read it as well and see if God will use it in your life as well!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.