Thursday, December 13, 2018

Meat grinding tip

'Tis the season (deer season) for grinding meat. I wanted to share a little tip with you...maybe it's something that everyone already does, but I didn't know about it and figured it out through years of grinding :)

When you're coming to the end of your meat chunks and have put the last bits into the grinder until the auger has finished pushing out ground meat...and you figure you're done, so take the grinder apart to clean it, you'll often find a good deal of meat left in the machine, unground. 

Here's how I make sure it all gets ground up--after all the meat pieces have been put into the hopper and are grinding, I follow them with a couple handfuls of already-ground meat, until all of the pieces have been ground through...then when I take it apart, the meat left in the auger parts is already ground and able to be added right in with the other ground meat. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women -- my REVIEW

Do you read the Bible daily? What about tools or devotionals to help you as you work this habit into your daily routine?  The most recent review product that our family has received is Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women, published by Zondervan.  My 14-year old daughter was excited to receive this lovely book and she and I have both been reading through it (sometimes reading more than one day's worth!)

This devotional book begins with a strong affirmation that the Bible is not only a "guys'" book (written by men, for men, about men) but that it is for women as well.  The author clearly brings out God's view of the worth of females and also encourages her female readers to dive in and learn what God has to teach us from the Bible and from the "normal" women who are a part of Scripture.

Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

As you can see from the above picture, this devotional is a very pretty book, hardbacked, with a handy ribbon bookmark.  It's sturdy but pretty, a nice combination!  

The book is set up as a series of 365 devotionals.  I say "series" but I do not mean that it begins at January, rather you may begin on any day of the year...the days are just numbered (like Day 244, Day 245...) so if you miss a day or don't begin in January--no big deal!  When I say "series," I am referring to the say that the segments go.  The devotionals in this book are not sporadic, different topics popcorned in every day--no, rather there are several days (or more than several in some cases!) focusing on different women in the Bible--some well-known (think Rahab or Delilah) and others much lesser-known (ever heard of Zelophehad's daughters?).

Each day's reading begins with a Bible verse or a passage of Scripture.  This is followed by a discussion, dealing with the meaning of the verse, the context, as well as a distinct spelled-out correlation to life today.  Girls reading these devotions will not feel like they are moving through a history book, but rather drawing conclusions from these lives of women that can be applied to their own lives today!

Each day's page also ends with a few lines for those who like to record their thoughts, responses, or questions.

So I think you can guess how we used this devotion book :) My daughter read it independently of me (I read it separately).  I think that 14 is a great age to be developing a habit of personal Bible study.  This book's entries, though short, can definitely help to engender this routine.  She and I both enjoy the book and its topics.

Oh, speaking of topics, what topics does it cover? Oh so many...too many to list here!  Things like kindness and caring, like God's plan, like greed and generosity, like responsibility, morality, relationships, and so much more!  

I really liked the consistency of several days' worth of devotionals focusing on a certain female figure.  Readers will feel more comfortable and better about the context as they learn more than one thing from the story of a woman in the Bible.

So? Basically I liked this book.  I do think that the entries are a little short :) but hopefully will accompany a more thorough Bible reading plan.  The title states that it is for young women (Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women) but frankly, this book is meaningful to thouse outside the 13-18 age range!  

I would recommend this devotional.  It's also pretty, which is a plus--it'd make a nice gift--and what better way to encourage someone to read the Bible than an attractive, easy-to-read guide?

To read more what other reviewers had to say about this Zondervan product, please click the link below:

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Meal planning

I really am convinced of the importance of meal planning...both fir financial as well a less-dinnertime-stress reasons :) YET so often I do not. Why????? I say I don't have time, but I really need to prioritize/make time for it!  Working on getting back to it again :) Good luck to me, haha :)