Monday, May 15, 2017

Dandelion Jelly :) Again!

I know I wrote a post about dandelion jelly years ago (here!) but here we go again!  :)  I really like dandelions in my yard -- the yellow interspersed with the green just looks so cheery!  My husband, on the other hand, sees them as a sign that it's time to mow again haha :)

This time of the year, when no fruits or veggies are really growing yet, is a perfect time to make dandelion jelly!  What?  You've never had dandelion jelly?  It's very tasty!  I think it tastes like honey, actually.  If your yard looks like mine:

then you are all ready to make a batch for yourself! The recipe I have used for years is from Prairieland Herbs. It's easy to follow and so easy to make! I have actually doubled and tripled this recipe successfully.

Basically all you do is pick the yellow parts of the dandelions (just the yellows! We cut them right off the flower into a bowl so that the green parts get left behind) -- we usually aim for about 6 cups of the yellow stuff (I have 3 kids, so with four of us doing this it doesn't take too long). You make kind of a tea or infusion with these and then strain and use the liquid just like in any other jelly.

I don't add any extra color and after canning it looks pretty good!

It's a delicious light flavor and makes a great gift too!  It's a great way to kick off your canning season as well!


  1. I have heard of dandelion wine, and dandelion greens in salad, but I did not know you could make a jelly from them. Pretty cool!!

  2. That looks yummy. Sadly, my husband thinks like yours, and we agreed to fertilize this year since, if we get the chance, we're going to try to move. Dandelions and violets in the lawn are delightful - particularly at this time of year - but they don't sell particularly well, unfortunately. Wish I had some to play with like this!

  3. My great-grandmother used to make dandelion salad but I hadn't ever heard of dandelion jelly either.