Wednesday, May 24, 2017

R is for Rockport!

Well, I guess I missed the linkup for this week's letter "R" but here is my post anyhow!

R is for Rockport, MA!

This past weekend my oldest daughter had the opportunity to go to a 30 hour all-night hackathon with other high school students in Boston (she didn't know anyone there, but she's pretty bold and makes friends quickly and not intimidated by that at all!). Boston is several hours from our house, so we looked for a hotel to stay in while she was at the event, but Boston hotels are pretty pricey!! (like $200-300 per night!) so I checked on VRBO and found a cottage up in Rockport, MA (about an hour from her event) that was way less money and looked nice, so we booked it!

We were so pleasantly surprised! The cottage was only 350 square feet, but arranged so there was plenty of room (beds for 8) plus a teeny kitchen, teeny bathroom, teeny living room with a fireplace! And it is within view of the ocean :) :) :) Ahhhh!! We ended up having a little mini-vacation that we loved (great weather too!) while she attended her event. My husband was even able to come (a rare thing for him this time of year!)

If you're looking for a near-Boston getaway, I'd recommend these cottages -- the pictures on the website don't really do it justice, inside it is just adorable!

So...we had a wonderful blessing of a weekend!

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