Saturday, May 6, 2017

P is for pretty

Do you ever buy things just because they are pretty? We are on a very tight budget and it doesn't have much room for "extras" so what we purchase is usually driven by a practical need. There are, however, a few times that I have just really really really wanted something because I thought it was pretty and then saved to buy it or used grocery money to buy it :) (a few stretched meals in those weeks!) It's not often, but when I do, they are usually things that will give me joy just to see them.

Here's one example:

When I saw these drinking glasses I just thought they were so beautiful~~and several years later they still make me smile. There's just something about them that resonates with me. Definitely worth the $3 apiece they were.

Here's a more recent one. I really had to think about this one, since we had a perfectly usable teakettle already, just a metal one, but it gets a lot of use.

Oohhh, this one is just so much prettier and makes me smile as well :) It works great too (though my husband burned his hand on the steam somehow when we first got it -- I think he was pouring it at too steep an angle).

So...yes, even pragmatic people like me can be swayed by prettiness sometimes :) Sounds shallow, right? Oh well. It's not a pattern though. Honestly, though, if they were not "useful" items I might not have purchased them :)

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  1. hey... having pretty things is a good thing indeed.