Wednesday, March 1, 2017

'Tis the season (fox season)...unfortunately...

Well, we started our morning out racing out the door in our pajamas and boots, running around like crazy people...chasing away the first fox of the season :/  It was pacing around the run, lunging at the birds through the fence.  It's been unseasonably warm and I'm afraid we're going to have to start keeping the hens in from now till ... wow, pretty late...whenever the fox babies are grown and there is more prey in the woods and fields and they don't have to attack our chickens.

Last spring we lost all of our hens except 5.  Foxes took 7 of them.  A couple of them they even killed and didn't even eat!  It is so frustrating.

Any of you have chickens?  What do you use this time of the year?  I wonder if electronet would keep them safe from foxes?  It's a shame...they SO enjoy being out and about (and truthfully I like seeing them in the yard; they're so entertaining!)

So disappointed that this has begun already.  Oh well, nothing to be gained by complaining--just have to take care of them!

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  1. We've just started letting our chickens free range, but we still pen them up at night. Our dogs and cats keep most predators out of the yard though we had raccoons opening the coop before.