Tuesday, March 21, 2017

J is for Jars -- canning jars :)

I have a healthy appreciation for canning jars...partly because I do a lot of canning--so the pragmatic part of me likes them for their usefulness (who doesn't like jars filled with food ready to eat that you can keep on your shelves till ready to use?!)  But their variety is pretty cool as well.

Most of my canning jars are down on shelves in the basement, filled with yummy stuff ranging from salsa to venison to soups to jams to syrups to veggies to pickles and on and on! :)

I think I have a small fortune in canning jars (kidding!) Honestly, if I were to purchase all of the jars that I have from a store it would be a hefty investment. Not that it wouldn't be worth it (the fresh healthy foods I can we enjoy all year long!) but we have been blessed to buy them at garage sales and such. I've been able to pick up most of them in a scenario like a big cardboard box filled with canning jars with $2 written in marker on the side of the box. :) This method of procuring jars has yielded me a large variety of different canning jars. Before I started canning I guess I thought that they were all the same :) Now I have a little collection of different types on a shelf in my kitchen (also from a yard sale, haha!)

There are some really cool looking jars out there!  I honestly have no idea how old they are, but they're neat!  This one is called "strong shoulders" -- and it's Atlas brand (cute, huh? :) )

So the ones on the shelf are some of my favorites, but I also have favorite ones in the "use" rotation as well.  It's funny, some are just pretty neat and when I see them I can remember other things that have been canned in them in years past :)

This smooth one  contains grapey applesauce, but
held peach salsa a few years back :) 

So, yes, this is not a deep post by any means, but hey, in my life... J stands for Jars! :) 

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  1. I used to can and loved finding the old jars at garage sales. Now we use the jam jars as our drinking glasses.

  2. I would love to learn to can. I actually have some very old canning jars from my husbands grandfather that are from the late 1800s. They are really neat.

  3. Yay! Another canner out there. My J for this week is jams and jellies. We can quite often in our home...and my jar collection is quite like yours. :) Definitely a small investment. We also use them for drinking glasses. When my cupboard is full of mason jars I know it's time to start canning again. :)

  4. You make a good variety. I used to can, but rarely do anymore

  5. My grandma used to can. Just one more thing I wish I had learned from her.
    I love the jars with the flip-flop strappy metal thing that holds the lid on them.