Friday, March 10, 2017

H is for heifer! (and no, I'm not a farmer!)

Here's a little informational trivia for you!

A heifer is a cow that has not yet had her first calf.

Why am I telling you this?  Why is this on my mind?

Well, we have friends who have a small farm, with a few cows, a few sheep, a few chickens, and so on.  They have a new cow this year (well, she was a heifer, bred but not yet a momma---until yesterday).

The family was anxiously awaiting the birth of this calf, but as time has dragged on, they have to continue with their normal lives/activities.  We live nearby, so we were called upon to go over and do a quick check on the farm to make sure that nothing was going on ...

Our exciting story begins yesterday when we had a class scheduled in a nearby town, but it was cancelled, so we went over earlier than planned to check on the expectant momma.  We put our boots on, planned to just zip over, make sure everything was fine, but...AHHHHHHH!!!!  There, out of the fence and in the woods...we found a calf, in the snow, shivering, all alone.  I DID tell you that I"m not a farmer, right? We called the farmer (who was with her kids at a concert) :) and she gave us some instructions, basically to try to get the calf warmed up...

Long story short... calf was chilled, almost hypothermic (didn't look good...)  We did all we could to dry and warm her, the farmer and her family returned home and we assisted them all day.  Scary moments many times, lots of prayers...and today, the next day...amazingly she has pulled through and is healthy looking and acting!  What a miracle that we got to see :) and a big blessing for that family.

So -- H is for heifer is my word of the week.  You never know what homeschoolers are going to get to experience, right?  Hey, it WAS educational :) :)

This little girl turned her momma from a heifer into a cow!

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  1. What an experience! Something the kids will never forget. Chalk it up to life as a homeschooler. - Lori

  2. Real life school on that day. Lucky you found the calf.

  3. Aww, poor babe. Glad you were able to assist it. I used to be a farmer. Those calves were adorable. My favorites were the Angus, with their boxy little heads.