Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jackson Jones Book 2 by Jenn Kelly

The whole title of this book is Jackson Jones Book 2: The Tale of a Boy, a Troll, and a Rather Large Chicken. Now, doesn't that just catch your interest? When I reviewed the first Jackson Jones book (in this blog post, I said that it was like reading my nine year old's mind. I will use that statement again regarding this second installment in the Jackson Jones series (hopefully there will be more to follow!)

This second book in the series sees Jackson magically transported via a very strong wind and a stubborn patio umbrella into an amazingly large tree, filled with unique individuals. As he encounters different ones, he has adventures and shares some of his wisdom about life and "The Author" (God) with them. He has matured a bit and learned from his adventures in Great Aunt Harriet's Hair (in book one) and it shows. I don't want to go too far into his adventures, because you really should read them in the book, not here! Just suffice it to say that they're very silly and very interesting!

The chapters, once again, are very short, with funny titles that keep it all a bit crazy. Fun for out-loud reading or silent reading! I really think this book is a huge winner with children in the 8-11 age group. It's vaguely like some of the writing that's out there for kids in this age range, but this book is clean, kind, and teaches some moral lessons. It's not as overtly about God as the first book was, but there are lessons taught for sure.

I highly recommend this book, along with the first one. I do think that it was easier to understand this book having read the first book, so I would suggest reading them in order. This book would make a wonderful gift!

I received a free copy of this book for review from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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  1. thank you so much for that great review! You totally made my day and encouraged me greatly...