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At home, live coding classes for kids by CodeWizardsHQ -- my REVIEW

My kids have an interest in coding and computer "stuff".  As a matter of fact, my oldest daughter plans to pursue a computer science degree in college beginning next year. My son isn't too interested :) but my younger daughter (13) is interested quite a bit and wants to become more familiar with coding so that she can be one of the programmers for her robotics team next year.  Throughout the years I have observed several different online classes on programming with my older daughter, so when we heard about CodeWizardsHQ I was interested to give their program a try with my youngest to see how an "in-person" coding class works.

Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ}

Through the Homeschool Review Crew program that I am a part of, we were given the opportunity to try a one-time one hour coding class. My daughter was excited to try, though a little nervous, as it was a "live" class. The class uses GoToMeeting as its platform, so it was very easy to join in. Before the class began we had our sign-in info and did a test run with GoToMeeting to make sure that our system met the GoToMeeting requirements (for microphone and speakers), so when the class time arrived, we were all set!

When it was time for the class to begin, my daughter joined the class and the teacher welcomed her (and the other students) by name and did a little "getting to know you" and introduction of herself as well. She is very experienced, with 20 years in the web design business, and was excited to be teaching the html class that my daughter was taking.

The instructor talked a bit about html as well as the path from making the changes to the code, through the server, and then live on the internet.

She began by introducing the project that they were going to work on--making a comic with nine frames. She introduced the environment and showed them the parts that they would be using to complete this project.

The student's building of a comic began by opening a section of code that made a frame and then they had the opportunity to adjust each one by entering the code for different figures and backgrounds as well as changing the dialogue. They also learned how to upload their own pictures and use them in the comic as well.

Throughout the time that they were working on their class, the teacher was actively encouraging them and giving them tips about how to do what they were attempting successfully.  My daughter had a blast learning to do this and personalizing her comic!  Here's her final product:

Near the end of the class, the teacher showed all the students the comics that they all had made, so they could see the variety of creation just amongst the seven of them in the class. She was very encouraging and then the hour was over!

SO what did we think of it? My daughter loved it. Though it was just a one-hour introductory course and she didn't really learn to code anything, just changed some of the code a little, she had fun with it. In the regular courses there are twelve weeks of lessons, with homework in between, so I'm sure that there will be more coding taught and learned.

We (the reviewers) were able to ask a few questions of the creators, and my big question was whether or not there is support for those students doing homework in between class times. I was happy to hear that yes, there is. There is actually a chat-type section for the students to help each other, and the instructors also come online to answer questions that still remain throughout the week. This is a big advantage over some online coding programs which my children or I have experienced, where sometimes you are left just trying and trying different things, getting frustrated if you are stuck on something with no way of getting help (such as for a pre-recorded, self-grading lesson). I think that the live touch here is a great advantage.

So--what we got to see and experience, we liked! It looks like a good program for kids who want to learn to code at home (online). The live teacher might cost more, but it is a huge advantage, having an actual teacher/mentor to help the learner.  Of course, the live aspect to the class means that you cannot just tune in whenever you wish, you must sign up for a regular time and commit to being "in class" at that time to benefit from the class.  They do tape the classes, for those who might miss one, but that live element is very valuable.  If you are looking for a coding class for your child, you might want to check out CodeWizardsHQ and their variety of curricula!  They also have a Facebook page for parents who are looking for more information about this product.

Here's a little more about the program:

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