Sunday, May 13, 2018

A is for ARCHERY

One of the "sports" my homeschoolers participate in is shooting sports through 4-H.  The shooting sports program is a very safe target shooting program.  The youth are taught and utilize firearm safety and self-discipline.

One of the disciplines they learn to shoot is archery.  Archery serves as a way for them to really hone their focus and to learn physical control to attain shooting a target.  In 4-H they are taught instinctive shooting, which is withouut the use of sights.  This is a pretty interesting way of shooting, basically training your brain to know what your body should do in order to end up with an arrow in the right portion of the target.

If you're interested in your child participating in shooting sports, look for a club near you or call your local county extension agent and they will get you connected with a club!


  1. Great for "A"! My husband bow hunts but I never thought of looking for an archery club. Nice to meet you through the #abcblogging adventure :)

  2. I've had the opportunity twice to try archery both times while on holiday but none of our family were any good. now we have a friend whose granddaughter is highly rated in competitive archery and it is lovely to see how good she is.

  3. Archery is such a great sport - my husband and all our sons enjoy bow hunting (even more than rifle) and we know many who have excelled in competitive archery. Thanks for sharing this spotlight for us.