Friday, January 26, 2018

PSA -- if you're sick, stay home!

Seriously, folks. This is not a "macho" issue, or a "I powered through it!" status opportunity. With the flu and cold season upon us, if you are sick, just stay home! Do not go to church, to school, to work! You do not know how many people you will come into contact with who cannot get sick--maybe they have a medical condition or are taking chemo or something.

This is on my mind because as my husband is awaiting brain surgery (in 3 days!) a co-worker of his came in to work today when he wasn't feeling good, and the rest of his family has a stomach bug. Seriously??? What was he thinking! He ended up going home early, but hopefully he hasn't infected his co-workers, especially my husband who CANNOT (please, Lord!) get sick right now.

Also -- employers, please take this nasty flu into consideration when your employee is not feeling well--really think long and hard before you guilt them into coming in regardless of what virus they're carrying around with them. You may be saving yourself from illness too!

Anyhow, enough for my rant. I'm just frustrated. Thankfully we have a God whose plan will succeed, and hopefully He will keep this illness from our family! :)

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