Saturday, January 6, 2018

Oh those nasty comparisons!

Wow, so it seems to me that once you've learned a lesson you're good, right? :) Yes, okay, so I'm being facetious :) Just remembering my post on COMPARISONS almost a year ago.  I know, I know...comparing myself to others is never a good thing.

Today's discouraged feelings thanks to comparisons focus on the robotics team that I coach.  We are a kind of low-tech team, one reason being that we don't have a lot of money and my husband and I (the coaches) are frankly NOT tech people :) So the kids are the ones who do all the building and programming.

They are doing really good this year...really!  And that's clear to me UNTIL I check out other teams around the country and realize how much better they are than we are (okay, I do have a bit of a competitive streak, so that's a hard reality to face!)

BUT BUT BUT I need to remind myself about the big picture.  These kids, these kids!!  They are learning to build a robot by themselves!  They are programming the robot by themselves!!  They are engineering, strategizing, working together, and growing themselves!!!  WOW!  This is the reason we agreed to coach this team, right? For our kids' learning and growth, not to win.  Well, winning would be awesome, but win or lose, I need to remember this wide-angle view :)

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  1. It's so hard not to compare, isn't it. Awesome stuff your team is doing there!