Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Writing implements (and our favorite pencils!)

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Do you have favorite "tools" that you use for homeschooling? (or regular school, I suppose) Pens and pencils are always being used, and we have found that in our family we favor certain types of pencils! Sounds kind of weird or picky, doesn't it? :) I'm laughing at myself a little for writing a post about pencils, but, hey! We like them!

Before pencils, though, let's talk about pens. In our household we are not too particular about pens. As long as it writes fairly nicely and smoothly we're not too picky. Because of this, let me tell you where most of our pens in this house come from...the fair! Or farm show or some such event! Haha!! All those pens that vendors give out to advertise their businesses...those are what fuel our inkiness in this family!
Here's a random selectoin of pens from around the house :) Notice the advertising...

Now pencils...well, we DO get some of those at the fair also, but we're pretty consistent with what we use in our schoolday (and preferred pencils for most days!)  The ones we use are mechanical pencils, but not just any mechanical pencil!  We LOVE the papermate mates easy to hold with 1.3mm lead.

The lead in these pencils is thicker, so there is not much breakage, and we find that although the point is not super sharp, the writing is smooth and we get a lot more writing out of it than a skinny lead.  They also sell replacement lead, which is a great thing.  The barrel of these pencils is a triangular shape, which makes it easy to hold (comfortably) when writing.

We love these pencils so much that I actually buy a bunch of them on Amazon when they're a good price and use them for gifts (I figure if we love them so much, others will as well, right?!)

There IS one other pencil that I (mom) personally like more.  It's a mechanical pencil as well, the lead is a little thinner (though not as thin as most) and the lead seems to write very smoothly. The pencil is comfortable to hold and write, the eraser always erases nicely, just a great pencil.  This one is also by Papermate and is called sharp writer.

So, there you have it!  My suggestions for pencils! 

How about you, any favorites?


  1. ha! that's where most of our pens come as well (except hubbies gel pens). Fairs are great that way. Pencils...we use what we have and tend not to like mechanical ones.

  2. HEY! That looks like our pen collection. I wouldn't mind mechanical pencils (I used them all through college), but I predict we could burn through a lead in 10 minutes flat!