Saturday, August 12, 2017

Catching time

Okay, here's a game for you. What's going on in this picture?



Pretty much a normal thing these days...

Really? No guesses?

We'll, here I am again, sitting in my car, waiting for my kids to finish with whatever event they are participating in.  Tonight it's ballroom dancing--all 3 of my teens plus a friend.  I'm staying out in the car out of respect for their wishes :)

I'm surprised with myself and how many things we allow them to participate in, but glad that we are able to offer them these opportunities.  We live kind of far from many events, which is why I don't just drop them off and go home.

Sometimes I do grocery shopping or other errands.  Tonight I have my laptop (and phone! No WiFi here) and I'm writing some product reviews.

So thankful for the opportunities that God has given us to allow our kids to become well-rounded people!

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