Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dear Homeschool Mom...

Dear Homeschool Mom,

Guess what? 

We (other homeschool moms) don't have it all together. (Okay, maybe a few do, but not most of us!). You know all those posts you see that make you feel like you're not quite good enough?

          And make you question your path

          And make you worry

          And make you feel like you're maybe 
                                         your kids

Guess what? We all feel that way. Really. Some days, not all, of course, but those days we're feeling a little insecure seem to be the same days we happen to see other homeschoolers' blogs or Facebook or Instagram posts and they look so idyllic and, well, perfect. They seem to have their (happy, of course!) children involved in everything, they are all dressed in cute outfits, working on projects you would see in a magazine article... And you start to question and doubt.

But you know what? Thats just the enemy. Don't let yourself forget your priorities and why you started homeschooling. You will always be able to find someone to compare yourself unfavorably to. But there's no reason at all for you to.

Focus on your priorities instead of what others are doing. And remember that those you view as having figured it all out probably don't!!!

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