Saturday, April 29, 2017

O is for outsider

Ever feel like the outsiders when you guys as homeschoolers participate in something in the general population?

I know my kids get it a lot...that short "oh." when they are asked what school they attend and they answer that they are homeschooled. Where we live there is actually a lot of support and interest in homeschooling, but it's when they are at events with traditionally schooled kids that I see it the most.

Today my daughter was honored to receive an award from NCWIT, which is the National Center for Women and Information Technology. It was a regional award and she and 13 or 14 other girls from three different states attended an awards ceremony where they were encouraged in their "aspirations in computing." As events like this go, the students were introduced as being from such and such school, many of which are prestigious and/or known for their technology programs and clubs. And then comes the one the announcers stumble over... " ________(her name)__________ who will graduate in 20XX from, ummmmmmm...homeschool?" Yes, people, homeschool.

I feel a little bad when I hear this type thing or see the reaction my kids get. I have to remind myself that is small picture viewing. Big picture they are getting the education we want them to get, they are growing up in a family setting, they are maturing and developing, ...they are on their way to becoming responsible adults. After graduation who really cares where you went to high school? Big picture. Big picture. (reminding myself, I guess it was a stressful day haha!) :)

So yes, at this point, they are often outsiders. Thankfully they don't seem to be phased by it too much. Outsiders, yes, but hey, that's okay :)

Here's a pic of the group of smarties that are well on their way to succeeding in the future! :) And yes, one is a homeschooler :)

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  1. All the time. All of our homeschool friends live so far away. Our 4-H group we are the only homeschoolers, and so many other activities.

  2. I can't tell from this picture, which child has three heads and is homeschooled? :D So proud of her!

  3. Happens here too, my daughter has one homeschooled friend in her choir but the other girls are all public school and they definitely treat the two homeschooled girls like outsiders. :-( Oh well, she's learned to roll with it since none of it is outright mean. Looks like your homeschooler isn't missing out on anything though! Congrats to her for earning the award!

  4. Congrats to your daughter! I mainly notice it when we are out during the day and people ask if it's a school holiday (LOL) My kids just look at them and said we are homeschooled :)

  5. Congrats to your girlie! :) Being outsiders isn't a bad thing eh?