Wednesday, April 19, 2017

N is for nightcrawlers

Our family likes to fish~~usually with worms rather than lures.  As the weather is warming up thoughts are turning to fishing :)  My husband and youngest daughter have already been out bullhead fishing.

So...bait!  Where do you get your bait?  At the bait store, usually!  In the springtime, however, it is SO easy to catch your own!

On dark wet/rainy nights in the springtime the nightcrawlers come out on the lawn!  Did you know that?  Before I was married I never knew that :)  I DID however know that there are a lot of worms in every cubic foot of soil.  My husband taught me the fine art of worm picking (haha!!)  In these cool wet evenings you can walk out on your lawn with a flashlight and see hundreds or more of worms scooting across the grass and back into their burrows as you approach.

The trick is to be quick and sneaky!  :)  They will zip down their holes in response to light or the sound/vibration of your I usually bend over so I'm close to the ground, shine the light on the area right at my feet, and when I spot a big worm, quickly grab it tightly and quickly and pull it up!  Of course the worms will try to get away and you have to be careful to not allow them to break :/ .  

SO...N is for nightcrawlers!  This is on our minds right now.  You might want to give it a try!  If you're not squeamish about worms, it's really fun!  :)   I just might think that worm picking is nearly as fun as fishing!

Out picking worms in the yard!

Here are some more "N" posts!  Maybe some are not as slimy as mine haha :) 

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  1. My boys mostly use lures for fishing but my oldest will try and catch some worms now and then to use; I'll have to pass along your tips to him.

  2. I honestly just turn the dirt over in my garden in the spring, the rest of summer/fall i just have to sit quietly in the rabbitry and they pop up

  3. We used to get paid by my grandpa to go dig him up a big bucket of bait when he was visiting us. I loved it! - Lori

  4. I prefer a lot of them in my garden and not touching them!