Saturday, April 22, 2017


I am a new convert to electronic calendars :)   For a long time I have been a paper-calendar devotee.  I carried it with me most all of the time, wrote everything in it, and kept life organized.

Enter a new cell phone, a smart phone, with the capability of  electronic calendar.  I usually have the phone nearby in my purse...or if I'm home I have a laptop within we are entering the world of electronic calendars.  I will admit that I have not totally converted, which makes things a little confusing...if I write in an event on the paper calendar but forget to enter it in the electronic calendar then I might potentially double schedule something (haha, not really potentially...actually I have really done this, yes...)

Very conveniently my daughter can enter events onto her calendar and merge with mine so that we are all on the same page (literally and figuratively).

I love it in theory...have to get used to the practice of it!!

How about you?  What type of calendar do you prefer and why?

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