Thursday, January 5, 2017

Onion Pie!!!!!!!

I have an old cookbook which I purchased at a yard sale--recently I read all the way through it, looking for some recipe inspiration.  It's the Farm Journal's Country Cookbook, copyright 1959 and man does it contain some great recipes!

Okay, so it does contain some strange ones, too... (Molded beef ring in gelatin anyone?

Anyhow, one of our FAVORITES is Onion Pie!!  Sounds weird, doesn't it?  Well, it's a delicious addition to a meal!  It's kind of like an onion-y sour creamy custard-y thing.  It goes well with so much!  Tonight we had it with meatloaf, but have had it with kielbasa, chicken, beef roast, and more.  Sometimes I double the recipe and I have made it without crust before, also, just in a casserole type dish.  

Would you like the recipe?

Basically you just make a pie crust and bake it for 10 min till it's golden, then...

Slice up several onions (I usually do like 8-10, whatever type you have on hand -- I've done it with white, yellow, purple, and a mixture).  Sautee them till softened and a bit browned.  Spoon the onions into the pie crust.  

Mix up 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups of sour cream, and 1/2 cup milk.  3 Tbsp flour, and a little salt and pepper.  Pour this over the onions into the pie crust. 

Bake at 375 or so for 30 min or so till set and golden on top.  I usually take it out and let it cool/set for another 5 min or more.  

One pie full usually gets eaten up by my family of 5 in one meal (okay, I have 3 teenagers...)

Give it a try!  It's a great addition to dinner!

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