Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A is for adequate

I'm the type of person who wants to excel.  I have that drive to do my best at whatever I do...and throughout my life I have been blessed to have success in many areas.  I was a straight-A student throughout high school, college, and grad school.  When I play games I try to win...and like the games that I can win.  If I don't know how to do something I want to learn to do it and do it well.

Okay, well, now...fast forward to my life today of homeschooling high schoolers.  Yes, I still want to excel.  Homeschooling in a rural area sometimes means that in order for my children to have certain opportunities I have to be willing to provide them.  For instance, my oldest daughter (11th grade) is interested in computer science.  To advance her knowledge and allow her opportunities, I have signed on to coach a team for a cybersecurity competition (Cyberpatriot -- see this post) as well as an FTC robotics team (post here) .  I am not a computers person -- more of a life science person...so this is a stretch for me.  When we go to different competitions and trainings, I see other teams with coaches who are oh so much more qualified than I am (often these teams are through public school) and it makes me feel bad for my kids (because their "coach" does not know everything or even much) and even question if they are being hampered because they are homeschooled.

At this point I have to grab my thoughts and remind myself of all the benefits they are receiving from being homeschooled.  We are homeschooling for so many different reasons and I need to remind myself of these priorities.

So, I feel like I have to "resign" myself to being ADEQUATE.  Not necessarily the best, not even with potential for the best, but adequate -- "sufficient, good enough, acceptable" (Merriam-Webster).  I am allowing my children to be able to explore their interests, no promise of winning every time, but they are getting what they need.  Am I just feeling maudlin today?  I don't know...but I think I am okay with adequate.  God gave me these children, He has helped me raise them thus far, and He will equip me to continue with this work.

As a Christ-follower, I really have access to the power of God and His guidance in my life, helping me to be a mom, a wife, a homeschool educator, and every other role that I fill.  Thankful today for this verse:

Philippians 2:13(NIV) for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.  

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  1. You are there giving them a chance and THAT is what is needful. Thanks for joining us

  2. What a wonderful remember for all of us.

  3. This is a great reminder for everyone!

  4. High school intimidates me! Good for you for still giving your children the opportunity.

  5. yes! So many times we have to step out of the comfort zone so that our children receive what they need. And for that, I often feel less than adequate but I know that what God has called me to, He will equip me for. - Lori