Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chronological Life Application Study Bible published by Tyndale

I LOVE this study Bible!! I did not have a study Bible, and I sure didn't know what I was missing! This Chronological Life Application Study Bible published by Tyndale is a wonderful new addition to our Bible study materials!

Some of the wonderful things about it ~~ Chronological ~~ so cool to have the passages arranged as they occurred in history. Last year the kids and I started studying ancient history and WOW! it was amazing to see the Scripture in its historical context -- made some of the passages so much more easily understandable and just clearer! With this layout of the Bible, it's easier to connect those historical dots. There is also a table in the front of this edition that lists the canonical table of contents (the "regular" way that the Bible is arranged, book by book) and shows the pages that they can be found in this edition.

The study part of this Bible is multi-faceted. There's a timeline that runs along the upper margin of each page, showing which era in history the section of the Scripture that you're looking at falls into. There are maps and explanations, drawings along with other explanations, introductions, titles, little historical facts (for example on p. 1111 in the Ezekiel section, the sidenote says that in 585 BC the Greek astronomer Thales predicts and eclipse). There are outlines, summaries, . . .I just cannot give a full explanation of all the study helps available in this! You can see some more detail on the website for this Bible, found HERE.

I definitely recommend this Study Bible. I know that it will be a great help in our family's Bible studies this year and in the future!

I am so thankful to have received a copy of this Bible for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review, but I really like this study Bible! Get one and use it yourself!!

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