Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Already Compromised by Ken Ham and Greg Hall

The subtitle of this book is, “Christian colleges took a test on the state of their faith and the final exam is in.” The basis of the book is a survey given to college presidents, vice presidents, and heads of science departments and religion departments at colleges which are called “Christian.” The results of this survey may be surprising to some, not so much to others.

The findings of the survey indicate that a large portion of the colleges labeled Christian colleges do not hold to some of the basic points of fundamental, evangelical Christianity, such as creation and other such Scriptural (Old Testament primarily) themes. Colleges which were founded originally to help spread the gospel are now causing many to abandon it. The chapters go through segments of the survey and summarize the results, giving Biblical comments/teaching on the topics. There is also a website they refer readers to for further information, including a list of colleges which were included in the survey (I did wish that was in the book, in an appendix or something!)

I thought the book was well-written, on a sort-of interesting topic. The results were, however, not surprising to me. I mean, look at the range of “protestant” churches—would each of them teach/support the same things? Obviously not—so why so surprised when “Christian colleges” are so varied as well? When making my choice of college 20 years ago (!) I had to sort through many of these in favor of one which fully supported and propagated Biblical truth. Those who make college choices on the basis of something so superficial as a label—well, you ought to look a little deeper! As a book which will at least bring these ideas to the forefront, I think it is a valuable tool. No “eye-opener” from my point of view, but good to remember, for a student as well as a parent.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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