Saturday, May 28, 2011

My boots

Here's a nice "fluffy" post for today :)

I'm not a big "shoe" gal, I only have a couple pair of shoes, but today I want to tell you about my boots :) For no real reason, except that I so love them! My shoes (boots) that I like so much are the ones pictured above, Ariat Fatbaby boots. Ah, they are SO comfy--I wear them 3 seasons of the year (I'm a sandal gal in the summer!) They're nice and light and look good with jeans or slacks or just about anything. They keep the mud and water out when walking through puddles or a wet lawn, (or a muddy chicken yard!) They take scrapes okay, protect my toes from so many bangs and bruises, and still look good. I didn't even have to put snowseal or some other waterproofer on them!

An additional perk is that I bought them at Tractor Supply and for $10 more I purchased their protection plan, which will REPLACE them in the first two years if they get wrecked (even if it's just from "normal wear"!! Wow! I've had mine for almost two years and they're still holding up great, so I haven't had to use that, but it did give me peace of mind about paying so much for a pair of shoes! :)

So there's my non-poetic ode to my fatbabies! :)

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