Friday, May 6, 2011

iShine Bible

I like looking at different Bibles. I do have my favorite versions, but there are so many different styles of Bibles, with different designs, bindings, inserts, addenda, etc. This iShine Bible is made for a distinct audience. It’s marketed as a Bible for “tweens” which are identified by the iShine folks as kids in the ages 7-13. So I’ll base my review on this age range.

The iShine Bible comes in two color schemes, one very pink and girly, the other blue, gray, and gold. The covers are comfortable and catchy looking. The Bible is a nice small size, easy to grab and take with you. The print is very small, but not difficult to read. There is an extra section in the beginning, before the actual Scripture begins, which gives the plan of salvation and growing in Christ—in an easy to understand fashion. In amongst the pages are three sections of a heavier paper which speak to “tweens” about their value, identity, and purpose. A great addition is that on these pages are QR codes/URLs which lead to the iShine website—certain music videos and inspirational messages.

The actual text of Scripture is the New Living Translation which is not very familiar to me, not one of my favorites, but it’s understandable for kids.

All in all I liked this Bible for a certain audience. The age range for the “tween” thing seems a little young, I’d actually put suggested age for this as like 10 – 15 or so. The iShine association is interesting to me, not exactly what I’d have for my daughter, but she has a little friend who’s into hip-hop and I’m sure she would really appreciate it. My kids are not as in-tune to the “culture” as others perhaps. I find this Bible to be timely for those kids who are into this “tween” culture—not sure it’s a format which will be lasting, but it is a great tool for catching kids’ interest.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of each of these books for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review.

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