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 Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Math. Homeschool families have so many different ways of teaching math to their students! There are so many different curricula and so many different ways of teaching and learning. It can be overwhelming to try to figure out what works well for your student! Last year I was able to review a program called CTC math and this year I got to try it out again--checking out a different level of coursework. CTC Math is a 12-month subscription to a huge lot of math lessons for different ages of students. 

This math program is something that every member of the family can use, learning math topics from kindergarten up through calculus! It is easy to use for both the parent and the students and is quite comprehensive on math topics.

 From kindergarten to calculus!

The lessons are easy to use--they consist of a teaching video (not too long--all of the ones I viewed are less than ten minutes)--the videos themselves are easy to follow, clearly taught, the speaking is slow and precise, and the lessons are easy to understand.

Each lesson also has questions for the student to answer--some are in an easy fill-in-the-blank type format and they are marked as correct or incorrect right away. In the upper calculus course they are in a different format where the student opens the worksheet, solves the problems, enters their solutions and receives the score and the solutions. If they get some incorrect, they are given the opportunity to re-try.

I really appreciate the fact that the student is allowed to see the solution, because if they got it incorrect, this is a huge help--also if they guessed and got it right ( not my recommendation!!) they will be able to see the proper way to solve the problem.

In the precalculus class students view the video then complete the questions and then there is the additional option to complete a worksheet--which is downloadable as a .pdf--this is great for students who like to work from a paper worksheet.

There is a really neat feature which allows this to be used with a device without a keyboard--check out the picture below to see how the keyboard pops up when the keyboard icon is clicked. This is a nice feature to be included!

From the parent side of things, the program is so easy to use as well. The parent can set lessons for the student which need to be completed or the student can work straight through the course. The parent can view the student's progress very easily--and they can also view how much work their student has done...and when they did it. Actually, a progress report is emailed to the parent weekly! This most recent email I received about my own work on the course shows nothing...we were on vacation :) But it will give you an idea of how the email reports work:

This is emailed weekly to the parent email.

Parents can also easily access their student's reports from their parent dashboard.

I definitely like this CTC Math program--it is so versatile and can be used by students of every age. It is a traditionally-taught math, which is the way I do math and the way I teach math. There are calculations as well as word problems--and the range of topics is extensive and complete. I do recommend this program and hope you will check it out! I'm actually recommending it to my college kiddo to keep his calculus skills strong over the summer--quick and easy to use!

To see more reviews of this thorough math program by CTC Math, please click on the link below and read other families' thoughts on this curriculum!

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