Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson -- my REVIEW

In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson is a light historical fiction romance set in San Francisco in 1905. The story begins with Camri, a highly-educated young lady from Chicago taking a train trip to San Francisco to search for her missing brother Caleb, a lawyer in the city, who has mysteriously disappeared. On the train out west, she meets two young women around her age, Judith and Kenzie, and invites them to stay with her in her brother's house while she searches for him.

Upon arrival in San Francisco, the girls stay at Caleb's house and Camri begins her search. Kenzie's cousin owns a chocolate factory, so the girls get jobs there to support themselves.

Camri meets several people who know Caleb and cannot figure out what possibly has happened to him. She gets an inkling of political corruption and maybe some other kinds of illegal activity that her brother may have been investigating. She meets a fellow that he defended from a murder charge, Patrick, and his sister (Ophelia) who is dying. He has also set out to search for the truth regarding her brother. Camri and Patrick fall in love, despite their social inequalities of the day (she is highly educated, he is an uneducated Irishman). More excitement ensues as they search for Caleb and seek to bring about justice, but I cannot tell you any more, I don't want to give too much away!

Basically it is just a romance, set in San Francisco, at the turn of the century. The other parts are peripheral, but that is the main theme, I think. I don't dislike romances, but I do like them to have a little more depth to them, usually. This one is a little fluffy for me. I know, however, that people who like romances will probably like this one! It's a clean romance with a little bit of Christian values thrown in. SO I wouldn't not recommend this book, but it isn't a favorite of mine! :)

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