Monday, October 2, 2017

My pizza dough trick :)

Do you make your own pizza dough?  Do you ever get frustrated because when you try to spread it out in your pan it just springs back so it's not in the nice shape that you wanted it?  Well, here's my amazing trick :)  Well, maybe not so amazing, but good advice nevertheless.  When you first lay it out on the greased pan, go ahead and spread it out a little (like the dough on the left).

Then... (here's the magic part!!)

Let it sit for 2 minutes or so...

                       ...then spread it out...

                                                  ...and voila!  It amazingly spreads out nicely to fit
                                                      your desired size/shape!

Now go and make some delicious pizza without frustration!  :)


  1. What?! Could it really be that easy? This frustrates me no end, so I'll try your trick next time - thanks!

  2. why does the waiting help it to spread out? My sciencey mind wants to know the why behind it. :)

  3. Say what?! I worked (briefly) at a pizza place (that made Pudgie's but wasn't Pudgie's - kicking myself for not writing down the crust recipe!) and never learned this!

  4. Give it a try! It's pretty cool...and so much less frustrating :)

  5. Interesting idea. We don't use a greased pan so I wonder if it would make any difference. We just put cornmeal under it. I will have to try. - Lori

  6. Oh wow! I will try that this week. Thank you!