Thursday, July 20, 2017

Z is for zoom!

I have a daughter who is driving!  She's been driving on a learner's permit for a year now, and has taken driver's ed, and is doing a great job.

Today we had the opportunity to go to a teen driving clinic put on by Ford, called Ford Driving Skills for Life.  It was amazing!  The teens learned so much from this course!  They drove a Mustang with casters on the back wheels to make them skid and spin out so that the teens could learn how it feels and how it feels to correct.  They learned about why distracted driving is so bad (did you know that just looking at your phone to see who texted you makes you take your eyes off the road for THE DISTANCE OF A FOOTBALL FIELD????!!!???  (yes, I meant to all-caps that, it is shocking!))  They practiced driving fast and stopping, so they could feel the ABS braking system engage.  They drove fast-ish in a smaller car and had to quickly maneuver into a lane (randomly selected by the machine just before they had to move) to avoid an "obstacle".

I took my daughter and a friend of hers who is a timid driver.  Both girls enjoyed it and said that they really learned so much.  They both said they felt so much more confident, having actually done these things now, as opposed to just learning about them in driver's ed.  For instance, they both had learned what to do if their rear wheels skid, but they'd never felt it before and had never gotten to actually perform the correction.

Definitely a great time.  Great learning.  Great instructors.  I'd highly recommend this program if it comes to your area!

Oh...and believe it or not, it was FREE!!  Amazing.  What a blessing to have something like this come to our little state :)

Here's a clip of my daughter in the mustang.

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