Monday, June 16, 2014

Modern Pioneering by Georgia Pellegrini

Love this book! :) I won't make you wait till the end of this post to see what I think of it :) Okay, to be fair, this book is kind of "preaching to the choir" with me -- many of the things mentioned in this book are things that we incorporate into our life here already -- but -- it's a great book, with easy instructions and encouragement!

The book gives a little look at the author's life and how she became the person she is. Thereafter are SO many great ideas and instructions -- how to grow food, tools for gardening, how to decide what to plant, how to plant, how to take care of your plants, etc. -- and NO! It's not just about gardening! Delicious-looking recipes to give ideas of how to use those garden veggies -- complete with mouthwatering pictures :)

Different ways of preserving are addressed, with photos and recipes as well -- canning, pickling, fermenting, smoking, preserving with oil, drying, freezing. . .

Wild edibles! Making butter! Making tea! Survival Skills! Crafts and homemade products! Gift ideas!

Yeah, I like this book (you think?) My 14 yr old daughter also read the book cover-to-cover and has already tried a few things from the book :) It's an eye-catching book, written with excitement to grab your attention and have you trying what it's talking about right away! I also want to say that it's written in a style that if you do not already have this kind of lifestyle, you can easily try these ideas without them seeming overwhelming.

I would recommend this book! It'd be a good one to have in your own home or to give as a gift!

I received this book from the blogging for books program for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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