Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson

A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson is a fun easy read, just right for filling a couple of hours with some entertainment! :) The story centers around Marty (married to Jake) and Alice (an orphaned girl who has been taken in by Marty and Jake--first as an employee, later as a friend). Alice is being stalked by a man who thinks she has some valuable papers that were her fathers, though she does not have them (the same man scarred her face with a knife earlier). The setting is Colorado, 1893, in a time where jobs were scarce and banks were not strong and secure.

Jake lost his job and goes to find work. Marty and Alice are forced to leave the house they were living in, as it belongs to the bank. Marty has family down in Texas, but she's frightened to go back there (for reasons I won't tell you! You'll have to read it!) -- -- -- OH -- and there's also a large part about. . .well, I'll just say some relatives of Alice. . .I think I've told you enough. I don't want to give anything away! :)

The book is a good read, a good story, a story of reconciliation, of courage, of love, and with a happy ending! :) It WAS a little predictable in parts, but not in a bad way! (it was the second book in a series, I had not read the first, but it was not a problem understanding the book without having begun with the first!)

I would suggest this book as a good clean fun read!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House publishers for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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