Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Money-saving tips! Everyone has a favorite!

I know everyone has their favorite money-saving tips, some are very obvious, some are more elusive. How about sharing your favorite frugal tips with us?

As for me. . .one of my favorite money-saving ideas (and yes, it's pretty obvious, but VERY EFFECTIVE!!). . .

Don't go shopping! Stay out of the stores! I like to "window shop" or go shopping for fun or entertainment, but if I'm not in stores, I'm not buying. When you are in the stores, you tend to make a purchase or two. Maybe little ones, but they add up! Maybe you spot something you just can't live without (you know what I mean!!!) However it happens, I'd bet you buy something in most stores you enter!

Going to the store for one or two little things can turn into 4 or 5 items, most of which you'd have lived without if you hadn't been there at the store!

So--stay out of the stores! :) Make a list, stick with it, buy all your items in one trip to the store--and save your money!

Now--let's hear your greatest idea!

Feel free to share your favorite tip in the comment section here!


  1. White Vinegar is my number one tip-- I used it as fabric softener in my wash machine, in the little container for the rinse aid in my dishwasher, to sour milk as a buttermilk "stand in" in cooking, and as a green cleaner for counters and floors-- added to baking soda in a clogged drain it even works as a homemade Drain-O.
    I don't think I can run a household without vinegar anymore!

    1. Oh, great one! I haven't used it much, though I just added it to my dishwasher this week to use as a rinse aid! I'll have to try it for some of the other uses! Thanks!

  2. I live the way my grandmother did. She was such a happy person and I've tried to model my life to be like hers. She never used a disposable item in her home except toilet paper. The only thing she cleaned with was soap and hot water. There was a garden. And she almost never bought anything that came in a package. I guess the tip is: stop consuming so much. Everyone wants alternatives to plastic wrap and single serve this and that, but no one stops to think, they don't need an alternative, that's just more consuming. We can all just slow down and live without all this harmful stuff without running off looking for replacements. I guess my tip is to stop looking for replacements for things you didn't need in the first place. Frugality shouldn't be another consumer addiction.