Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 Days to a Forever Marriage by Gary and Norma Smalley

Gary Smalley is a name I was familiar with, so I could almost guess what this book would be like before receiving a copy! If you're familiar with him and his teachings, you'll find this a good book, without surprises. (Well, I was surprised to see his picture on the back--he is a lot older!! -- but aren't we all, I suppose!) As I read the book, I was reminded of his video series "Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships" which, incidentally, I loved!

This book is a nice short-ish sized book which is meant to be gone through by a husband and a wife who are interested in growing their relationship in a godly manner. The 4 Days are four topics, each addressed from the viewpoint of the husband and the wife. There are little stories and illustrations from the Smalleys' life which enhance the material. The writing is very easy to read, interesting, small segments. I believe that most of what he says in this book is what he also teaches in the "Hidden Keys. . ." videos. There are emphases on what a husband can do to honor his wife, and a wife her husband. Little and big things to do to increase intimacy and trust in your relationship. Ways to communicate with love rather than anger. These and other good topics and ideas are included in this short book.

This is a great book for a couple to address topics in their marriage together, to grow their marriage. As with any relationship book, there will be parts which don't jive with every individual (some of the characteristics of "women" in general don't fit ALL women, and ditto with men. -- one example of that in our life is talking--my husband way exceeds me with talking!) but I understand these are general principles. Note that this book is for both to work on together. It is not a book that adresses the one member of a relationship who wishes to enhance the relationship while the other remains uninterested or ambivalent to improving it.

This is a finely written book and would make a great wedding gift or a good tool for a couple who would like to make a good relationship even better.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishing group in exchange for my honest review.

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