Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a spoonful of sugar. . .

There is a big old tree full of pretty-colored apples, just begging to be picked. However, when you pick one an bite into it, instead of a sweet-tart juicy delight, your lips pucker and you say eeeeeeeew! :) I have no idea what kind of apple tree this is, the apples are full-sized, and the tree looks very old. The picture above is what the flesh looks like--gorgeous, isn't it? This tree is at my husband's workplace and no one enjoys the fruits, so we decided to test them out a little. Well, we made applesauce (with sugar!), jam (with sugar of course!) and even pie (sugar again!) and they were all resounding successes! The applesauce is super-thick (not much juice in those babies!) and I think I'll even use some of it to make fruit leather and apple butter--but the addition of sugar has transformed these apples! Yay! Free fruit for us!

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