Tuesday, June 6, 2017

T is for Transcripts

Transcripts!  Before I had highschoolers the thought of transcripts just made me feel a bit panicky.  Up until grade 8 I school my kids with out grades (oooohh!  are you scandalized by that thought?).  My reasoning is that the purpose of grades is basically so that parents know how their kids are doing in a course, and since I was intimately involved with the educating, I know what my kids are learning and what they are missing.

Leading up to the high school years I started asking around.  Some homeschooling families gave me advice to document everything, resulting in pages of "transcripts."  Others said they didn't really know.  I looked online.  I looked in a few books.  Finally I decided to just look at a few different colleges and see what requirements they had for admission to the school or to different majors.

This has led me to a bare bones transcript... hopefully this will fit the bill!  We'll find out very soon when my daughter applies to her college of choice!

Here's my "style" which is basically basic :)

I guess in a couple of months we'll see if it works! :) 

How about you?  Any tips for me?  Thank you in advance!


  1. I haven't a clue, I am just so not there yet. Bare bones I like though

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have just started keeping track of some of my oldest daughter's classes and am trying to decide the best way to track things. - Lori

  3. for years I have kept grades and records using Homeschool Tracker Online, which also produces a nice transcript. However, my homeschool oversight group provides transcripts for high school students. Good luck to your daughter!