Sunday, December 18, 2016


I have never been a couponer (well, before a couple of years ago!)

Several years ago I had an acquaintance who would post on facebook the items that she would buy for the week, along with the money she spent. I was completely amazed, but had no idea how she did it. After a few months of watching her posts I finally got up the courage to ask her how on earth she did that. She responded with some information about couponing, with the help of couponing websites. I previously had no idea that these existed, but that began my couponing adventures.

We have a pretty low grocery budget, and I have been so blessed by what we have been able to purchase with our funds. When items are on a great sale, when you add a coupon on top of that, the price sinks down very low. In that case I usually buy some ahead, to last through the times when the prices are high again.

It takes a chunk of time to coordinate and plan out the grocery lists for the week, but the savings are very noticeable. My family is eating well and we are spending less.

Three of my most favorite sites to visit for coupon matchups are: Krazy Coupon Lady (, Living Rich With Coupons (here), and Inspiring Savings (here).

I have been blessed through couponing, which is why I wanted to share with you all! :)

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