Wednesday, July 1, 2015

101 Things Every Girl Should Know (book by Faithgirlz from Zondervan)

This book, 101 Things Every Girl Should Know is DEFINITELY a winner for teen girls!! GREAT book! It's full of practical, important tips and little instructions about how to do many many many practical things! Things like how to accept a compliment, how to bake a chicken, how to give good gifts, how to write thankyou notes, how to write in a yearbook, and so much more! The scope is very broad, things that girls will encounter in their lives.

More? How to say you're sorry, how to make someone's day, how to tell a joke, how to teach yourself to French braid. :)

I really like this book and will give it to my daughters. It is a very helpful book, with the explanations/answers just one to two pages long. Full of bright illustrations and easy to read. The topics are "clean" and easy -- no racy stuff, no bad language, nothing that parents would cringe at. Well maybe the slang :) that kind of makes me cringe -- so so so much cutesy slang -- but the authors are trying to grab teen girls' attention and probably want to try to sound like a peer/teen.

I like the contents of this book. The 101 things (well, it's actually 102!) are, in fact, helpful. Give them as gifts! Teen girls like to read this type of book!

(*****one side note -- the cover of the book came unglued right at the first page -- the binding is fine, the cover just came unattached -- not sure if it's just a fluke with the book I received or if the publisher should take better care!)

Other than the issue with the cover, this book is a wonderful book for teen girls. I would definitely recommend it. It is published by Zondervan, but really doesn't contain religious stuff, just "clean" stuff. It'll reach a broad audience.

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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