Friday, July 5, 2013

Rainy rainy rain!

Wow! I cannot believe how wet it is here! We've had so much rain that the ground is saturated and everything that falls just runs off rather than soaking in. Sounds like spring, right? Not like July!! Strange! Hot temps, high humidity, and lots and lots of rain! Yesterday after the 4th of July parade it was soooooo hot and humid; when the sky darkened a little we figured it would be a good time to butcher some of our broilers (chickens). We were planning on doing a dozen. As soon as we began the rain started. Not just a little rain, a HUGE deluge :)

It came down and down and down! We were standing there dripping wet and the water began running around our feet, then up to our ankles! It was coming through the lawn and through our butchering area so strongly that we didn't let the kids or the dog near the ravine, because it was soon a raging river! Weird weather!

Our poor laying hens also! Their coop was flooded, way flooded! Ahhh! They had all been just foraging around the yard till the water started flowing -- poor girls, they were huddled under a cedar bush, up to their bellies in the water! We carried them over to their coop and put them in. They happily stayed in there till the rain stopped and the water diminished.

At least the garden's liking this influx of water! :)

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