Friday, November 2, 2012

MMMMMMMM :) Pumpkin!

Blessings come in all different ways. Last night I read in the local Front Porch Forum about someone who was selling the rest of their post-Halloween pumpkins for a great price. My daughter and I went out to check them out today and they had a pile of pie pumpkins -- so we came home with 14.

I cut them in two, my 3 kids scooped out all the inside strings and seeds. . .and then we baked/roasted them in the oven for an hour until they were soft. At this point we weren't quite sure how to make it nice and smooth, so we tried different things. First we tried a foley food mill. This seemed to hold back just too much pulp and only squeeze through a very liquidy small amount. Next we tried the blender -- didn't work. SO -- we settled on the masher and hand blender to partially puree it and THEN put it in the blender --- wonderful!!!!!!!!!

We packaged it in 4c and 2c portions and popped it in the freezer and it's being frozen right now. We had about 12 2-cup portions and three 4-cup portions and one a little over 4c. We'll be having a LOT of great pumpkin treats this winter!!

Now, you didn't think I'd freeze it all, did you? We also made two delicious pumpkin pies -- I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin pies that we usually have at Thanksgiving, made with the canned pumpkin pie filling -- but this was DELICIOUS! Yummmmmmmmm!!

A great blessing indeed.

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