Thursday, March 15, 2012

Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice

Second in the Noah Justice series of DVD's. . .this review may sound a lot like my previous review of Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice. They are very similar in format. This Noah Justice episode finds him exploring and explaining geological features of Yellowstone.

My children enjoyed seeing the sights of Yellowstone, especially with a Young-earth Biblical Creation interpretation. So many documentaries and books about wonderful geologic formations are told from a "millions of years" interpretation; it was nice to hear the young-earth explanation for these occurrances. I also liked the Mt. St. Helens parallels--very interesting and helpful with some of Yellowstone's features.

As with the first Noah Justice DVD, I felt that the young man spoke too quickly and a little mumble-y, making it easy to miss details. There is a study guide to go along with the DVD--with little quizzes/activity pages. I wish there had been more printed information to accompany the DVD to highlight some of the main points which were a bit blurred in the fast-talking.

I would recommend this DVD to those who follow the young-earth interpretation of geologic events or those who are interested in learning about this viewpoint. The child narrator is an enjoyable host--my children really enjoyed it, and want to watch it again to pick up some of what they may have missed in their first viewing.

I received a free copy of this DVD/study guide from New Leaf Publishing Group for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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