Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The marriage of LLBean and Patagonia (also known as "How to keep a husband warm in church")

We live in Vermont. It is COLD in Vermont. We try to dress for the weather, but being recent transplants from Ohio, sometimes we fall short.

My husband is ALWAYS cold in Sunday School. Every week. AND he lets me know. Now, I am often cold in Sunday School too, but I usually keep it to myself :)

My solution was easy and effective. I took one of his roomier shirts that he wears to church (the plaid LL Bean button down) and a fleece sweatshirt that was too snug for him and was in the goodwill pile, and cut up the fleece so that the sleeves fit in the sleeves of the church shirt; stitched the wrist areas, pinned and stitched the rest of the sweatshirt, and VOILA!! He was warm last week in Sunday School!! Yay! And you couldn't even tell (it wasn't bulky or anything!)

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  1. I love your resourcefulness! Would you like to share a project on my sustainable/eco-fashion blog?