Friday, July 5, 2013

IndoctriNation Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity by Gunn and Fernandez

Ah, where to begin this book review. Well, first of all, this book is an accompaniment to a DVD which I have not viewed, so this review is purely for the book. This book, IndoctriNation, is basically a collection of essays which have been unapologetically written to persuade readers (Christian parents) of the danger of sending their children to public school. The authors range from past public school teachers and administrators to leading Christian speakers/writers of today. There is no trying to hide their agenda, they blatantly say that they want to persuade readers to take their children out of public school.

I guess I'm not really the intended audience of this book; we already homeschool our children. I don't need persuading :) We are dedicated to homeschooling and are very glad that we have taken this path. As such, much of what was written did not really grab my interest. There were segments about textbooks, add/adhd/ritalin, teachers, industry, history, and so much more. Some segments more inflammatory than other. All these were aimed at Christians/people who believe and follow the Bible and Scriptural teaching.

Honestly, it is a long book. Lots of chapters. Not good flow, just 23 essays plopped together into a book. Wow, I feel awfully superficial writing this, but hey, it IS long and kind of dry -- after the first few essays it just goes on and on, saying kind of the same things in so many different ways. I'd suggest reading it in spurts, a chapter a week or so :)

So -- would I recommend this book? I WOULD recommend the book to Christian parents who are not currently homeschooling. You know, it would also be good for grandparents who question why their children are homeschooling their grandkids. So, yes, I would recommend it in these cases.

I received a copy of this book from the publishers for the purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review. Here is the book on the webpage of its publisher, MasterBooks.

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