Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Follow-up info on mulching in garden!

Well, I think I'm totally a convert to using mulch in the garden!! My earlier blog post (HERE) talked about my beginning with the mulching in the garden. Now, here it is, almost August, and the garden is SO much more weed-free (or at least light on weeds) than it usually is! Usually about this time, there are so many weeds that we can hardly find the plants :)

We've used grass clippings and straw for mulching; straw for mulching some of the pathways, and grass clippings for some of the other paths and around the plants. I guess the free aspect of the grass clippings makes them much more appealing! :) Thanks to my children for being willing to help collect the mulch matter.

It's my prettiest garden to date. I will definitely be using mulches in the garden from now on!!

As a side note, some of the other new or new-ish stuff that we're using this year is the weave method for staking tomatoes (read it in Organic Gardening magazine-- HERE ) and also did half the garden in beds like the article in Mother Earth News this spring (here).

Here are some pictures of our garden at this point! So far from the garden we've harvested and enjoyed broccoli, basil, cilantro, a few beets, swiss chard, and about 6 little grape tomatoes :)

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