Thursday, December 5, 2013

The War on Christmas by Bodie Hodge (general editor)

In this day and age there is plenty of controversy and "fighting" over Christmas. You know what I mean. . .the "happy Holidays" rather than "Merry Christmas" that many people use (and many others loudly exclaim against) among other things. Those who believe in Christ and those who do not, all wishing to celebrate the same holiday, some claiming Christ and His birth, others just wanting to celebrate a time of love and giving.

And then there are the "Christian" debates revolving around Christmas, should we even celebrate it, is it a pagan holiday, is a Christmas tree not good, Santa (okay, I think we're pretty much all on the same page that Santa isn't the central figure!), and other thoughts you hear thrown around when Christians of different backgrounds get together and talk about the holiday (whoops! I used that "H" word -- well, it IS a holiday!!)

The book "The War on Christmas," edited by Bodie Hodge, addresses many of these topics and many more. The subtitle of the book is "Battles in Faith, Tradition, and Religious Expression." The book covers many ideas, with Scriptural backing, such as the wise men, the virgin birth, the date we celebrate Christmas/is or is not Christ's birth date, the "inn" and "manger" and many others.

I think this book is written to people who are already believers in Christ and the Bible. It seems to be a book to teach Scriptural truth in the context of Christmas. There are interesting discussions and pretty illustrations. It sounds a lot like other books by Answers in Genesis :) So -- did I like it? There were interesting parts, good reminders, and some of the authors convictions backed up by why he believes that way. I did enjoy reading it and might read it again! I think it gives some good conversation starters and background info for them as well.

Would I recommend the book? Sure, it was an interesting, easy read. Gave points to think about. It didn't really change my mind on any thing, but it was good info to read and think about. It used Scripture to draw many of the points from. I will say that it's not a reflection of completely how my family celebrates, but I am one to read and think. It's a book to make you think!

I received a copy of this book from Master Books for the purpose of review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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