Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yummy and EASY treat!!

I'm not much of a candy maker -- I always have trouble in distinguishing things like "soft ball stage" and all those terms used in candy-making -- and my candy thermometer always seems to be missing/used for something else like feather scalding water (and not to be returned to the kitchen!)/ or broken. So -- I don't make much candy.

BUT -- this post by someone I don't know, which was shared with me by a friend--has inspired me and has become a family favorite!!

It's SO easy! Bananas chunked up and covered with a 1/2 chocolate chip/1/2 peanut butter melted mixture--

Here's how I made these:

I took 4 bananas and cut them up into 1" chunks or so.
Place 1 cup chocolate chips and 1 cup peanut butter in glass bowl
Melt in microwave for 1.5 minutes --peanut butter will be melt-y but chips not quite -- stir and stir till chips are also melted.

Then! Drop banana pieces into the chocolate/pb mix and lift out with fork. Place on waxed paper. When all are done, pop it into the freezer until they harden up a bit - and eat!!

They are a wonderful consistency -- a little soft-ish for the choc/pb outer layer and a chewy banana center. Ours didn't harden like a rock -- at least not after a day or two (they won't last that long here!) plus they are in our freezer above the fridge, not the deep-freeze. I don' t know what would happen if they were in the deep freeze, if they might get too hard?

Anyhow -- give them a try! It's AMAZING!!!!!!!

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