Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Canning Chicken for Chicken & Biscuits

Here's a new favorite way for us to can chicken! I've been canning chicken for several years (using the pressure canner, of course!). Usually I can it in pint jars and we use it in a variety of ways. This past December we were given 30 laying hens that had outlived their maximum productivity (and they are organic, so we couldn't turn down 30 organic chickens, despite all the hard work of processing them in the snow--brrrrrr and their smaller size!)-- We had 2 deer in the freezer, so I wanted to can most of the chicken. . .I thought about the meals we like to have with canned chicken, and one of them is chicken and dumplings/chicken and biscuits. Usually I use one pint of the canned chicken and canned chicken stock--so I figured I'd try to can chicken with stock for the purposes of this meal.

I actually used the breast meat and the tenders--cut them into bite sized pieces and put them (raw) into quart jars. I filled each jar about 1/3 of the way with the chicken. Then I filled the jar with boiling water and pressure canned them for the full time of canning raw chicken (90 min) and voila! They sit on my canning shelves just ready for a quick meal!

And who doesn't love chicken & dumplings or chicken & biscuits ready in a snap?!



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