Friday, January 20, 2012

Couch to 5K update C25K

So, what kind of crazy person begins running in the winter in Vermont?! Yikes!

But--amazement of all amazement, I'm on week 7 of the running plan!! Whew! The level is 5 min walking, 25 (!) min running (!), 5 min cooldown walking! Woweeee!! Can you tell I'm impressed with myself?

And, guess what? I'm liking running!!

But--it's COLD some days! But--I'm still liking running!

Maybe it'll be even better when it's a bit warmer! :)

Ouchie, I fell yesterday on the ice while in mid-run, hopefully it won't hurt more!!

SO--enough of tooting my own horn. BUT--really, the couch to 5k plan? It's great! So do-able and I'd really suggest it! The one I downloaded was the Christian music one--found here.

Really! Give it a try!!

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