Thursday, January 2, 2020

Back from vacation? :)

We're back! Back from the vacation!

What vacation? Well, no vacation, really...but I've been pretty slack on the blog this holiday season :) Spending time with the family and not online has been our theme.

The total favorite family game this season is Ticket to Ride :) I posted about this game before, and now that we've had a couple of weeks with my family all together, I can definitely say it is a WINNER!!!! We have played it with age ranges from 5 to 75 and it's always a blast! It's a fast moving game, and everyone enjoys it!

A bonus is that our library also has a copy of the game for lending, so if we have more than the five of us, we can borrow the extra set from the library and have two games going on simultaneously, side by side! :)


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