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Trust Fund (movie) by Mapelle Films (and a bonus book -- Love Was Near) -- my REVIEW

Trust Fund Movie

Do you enjoy movies? Most of the members of my family do. When we had the opportunity to review the movie Trust Fund by Mapelle Films, everybody was up for it! We settled down as a family to watch the movie--my husband and I, our 17 year old daughter, 15 year old son, and 12 year old daughter.  We also received an accompanying book, Love Was Near, which I'll tell you about as well!

The movie is about a modern day "prodigal son" (well, daughter) as Jesus told about in his parable of the prodigal son in the Bible.  Without telling too much of the story--Reese, a young author who wants the easy way decides that her "tough" life is just not good enough, discovers a secret, and decides to go live her "fun" life in Italy, with a boyfriend, leaving her family, responsibilities, and more back at home.  She encounters difficulties, but has left home after doing something really bad (and she's made a lot more bad choices once she is in Italy)--so what is she to do?  Meanwhile, her sister Audrey is kind of like the perfect child on the surface.  She is working at her dad's company, doing all that is expected of her, being perfectly self-controlled and doing just right.

Reese wants to come home, but is not sure how or if she even can; Audrey resents Reese and the lifestyle she inhabits...and I won't say too much more about the plot :) I will, however, say that it reflects the story of the prodigal son in the Bible.

I mentioned that we watched this movie as a family...

and everyone enjoyed it.  It's an almost unimaginable story of forgiveness and who needs it.  We watched it all together and, since it was a review item, we discussed it together.

We all agreed that it isn't very "Christian" -- really it doesn't refer to Christ or Biblical principles, just tells a story that parallels the prodigal son.  We also agreed that it was a nice movie, enjoyable and entertaining.  It kept our interest and showed a father's amazing love.

Although there isn't much Biblical content in the video, there is a great study guide which details the parallels to the prodigal son, speaks of Biblical truth, asks hard questions for discussion or further thought, and helps each of us to apply the prodigal story to ourselves.

Love Was Near Book

There is also a book that is a great accompaniment to this movie, intended to be read/used AFTER viewing the movie.  The book is called Love Was Near by Sandra Martin.  I let my 17-year old daughter have this book and she started right in with reading/using it.  It has since found its place on her bedside table, at easy reach.  She's reading it and enjoying it.  It's not a book about the movie, really, well, it kind of is...It's kind of a journal as if written by the main character in the movie (Reese), in a "Dear Diary" fashion.  The diary entries are interspersed with thought-provoking questions as well as some words of wisdom.   My daughter is really enjoying this book--even though she doesn't like just journaling-type books--she likes to revisit the story, read more about what Reese was thinking/motivated by, and then think about those things as they apply to her life.

Quick overview...Trust Fund is an interesting, well-made, "clean" movie which parallels the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible.  There is a great study guide for families or groups to use (or individuals too!) as well as an "extension" book  called Love Was Near for girls 12 and up to read/learn/journal.  It's a great group of products and I would definitely recommend them!

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